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We are passionate about teaching transformational educational programs that improve an individual's well being with the skills to live a fulfilling and positive life

MBSR-Teens Mindfulness

Are you MindFULL or Mindful?
This program is an 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course uniquely tailored for young children and teenagers.
As science supports, MBSR-Teens provides benefits to the brain in reducing cortisol that is related to stress, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. The evidence reveals significant differences in a stressed brain, and a non-stressed brain where Mindfulness can create new neural pathways. Specifically in the pre-frontal cortex and cells of the hippocampus which are responsible for one’s well being, decision making, emotional regulation and memory functioning.

Mind&ME at School

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program has been around for nearly 30 years but only recently the unique adolescent program MBSR-Teens has come to fruition.The program has demonstrated benefits in a multitude of studies such as greater reduction in negative affect, anxiety and hostility and a greater increase in self-esteem. Students report their insights from the program to be very helpful during this significant time of growth and development. The objectives of MBSR-Teens is to develop psychological, emotional and social resources. Competencies include emotional resilience and management, effective communication, understanding the perspectives of others, self-awareness, and attaining important roots of mature moral development.


To be ‘Full of Greatness’ starts with having a great attitude and it is very similar to gratitude. They almost sound the same! 
Did you know, within each of us we posses a unique super power. Do you know what yours is? Maybe you haven’t discovered it yet, but don’t worry, you have something special inside. With the appropriate tools and techniques, we will reconnect you to your personal presents (gifts) through presence.


HeartFullness is a kindness practice you offer to yourself and to others. This loving attention that we focus on ourselves is the very seed that sprouts behaviours such as compassion, generosity, and joyful living. There is a traditional Jewish saying about bringing peace to the world; if we want to change the world we must first begin with ourselves, then our family, then our communities and then we can reach the world. This ripple effect begins inside of us first, so what a perfect place to begin from within!

Cultivate your mind!

Grow your brain with the power of plasticity!

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